Plant Strength Coaching Program

Remove the frustration and guesswork to achieve, and keep, the body you want with our 12 month coaching program.

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Our clients are busy with work and family and have limited time to spare on improving their body. They optimise their time by trusting us, the experienced professionals, so they can focus on being strong, healthy and confident. Not only for themselves, but for their family. And it doesn’t hurt that they look good naked while at it.

We teach you how to set up for long-term independence so you can walk around looking amazing for years to come. Whether you are relatively new to training, or been training for a while but struggling to see results, we’ve got your back. We’ll show you what works (and what doesn’t).

The focus is on efficient workouts and simple, sustainable plant-based nutrition habits. We’ll teach you how to look and feel awesome while living life on your terms.

If you’re looking for a short-term six pack solution, this is not for you.

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 Who is the coaching for?

For dads in the 35-49 year range. A minimum of six months strength training experience.

Regular dads with busy lives, yet driven to carve out the time and energy for a better body. Everybody wants results, but only some are willing to do the difficult work to get there.

For those who want to switch to a mostly plant-based diet, or have made the switch, but struggle to see results.

We are Plant Strength for a reason. We work with you to find what mostly plant-based means for you.

For those who are in it for the long-lasting transformation and value their health and well-being as much as their looks.

It takes patience to achieve great things that last.

Those who can communicate efficiently in writing.

We coach predominately via email and require a weekly detailed update from you. This allows us to track your progress and make any necessary changes.

And yes, email updates are a requirement for in-person clients too.

Online vs in-person coaching - which one is right for you

If you have complicated injuries or medical issues or need a trainer to motivate you in each session, you’ll need in-person coaching.

If you want a coach who will save you time by taking out the guesswork, makes sure you’re using your limited training time efficiently and provides a progressive plan and the accountability to stick to it, then online coaching could be your jam.

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Plant Strength Principles

  1. Use the 80:20 rule

  2. Keep it simple

  3. Shape your environment

  4. Think long term

  5. Perform frequent self-reflection

 The coaching experience

The set-up

It starts with Strategy Questionnaire where we learn about you, your history and your goals. If you become a client we’ll dig super deep into your current lifestyle, eating and training habits. We mean it, super deep. This is no cookie-cutter plan.

This is followed by a movement screen which, along with your goals and training history, will guide your training program design.

At the end of the set-up you’ll get:

  • Phase one training program with videos for each exercise.

  • First two nutrition/lifestyle habits to start progressing towards your goals.

The on-going coaching, guidance and accountability

Having a plan is one thing. Executing it and making changes to keep progressing is where the real coaching happens.

  • Keep tracking your habits daily. Track your training each session. Record your weight every Sunday. If you struggle with any of these we’ll work together with you to break through obstacles.

  • A weekly email every Monday morning to go through issues or questions you may have from the previous week. We’ll also make sure you’re progressing as you should be.

  • Progress pictures every four weeks.

  • You will learn how to become more independent. We want you to eventually walk away confident about maintaining your results, for life. And then tell all your friends how you got there.

How much does it cost?

Online coaching is $290 per month, and is available anywhere with a internet connection.

In-person coaching starts at $480 per month, and is only available at Fitness First Barangaroo, Sydney CBD.

All our coaching comes with 90 Day Improvement Guarantee
If you are not satisfied with the improvements in your strength and body composition in the first 90 days, we will refund 100% of the money you have invested in our services. To top it off, we'll donate $250 to a cause of your choice - as long as it’s not the Australian Nazi Party. Or any Nazi party for that matter.

How to apply for coaching

It all starts with the Strategy Questionnaire to establish whether we are a good fit.

Apply below. We’re looking forward to working with you.


Am I going to live in the gym? How long does each workout take?

We know you’re busy. You’ll need two to three days a week, with an optional extra day. None of the sessions last longer than 45 minutes.

Do I need a mad gym set up?

No you do not. We can make your program work with a simple home gym.

I’m vegan. Is this right for me?

Yeish. As in, yes. As long as you are not a vegan who fantasises burning non-vegans with napalm. And then dreams about cooking soy sausages on the ashes.

I am busy business owner and have a family of seven kids, and a wife. How much time do I need to allocate each week?

A minimum of two to three 45 minute slots for training. One to two hours per week for lifestyle and nutrition habits.

You’ll probably need a bit more time in the first month since you’re getting used to everything.

Is there a minimum commitment?

This is a 12 month coaching program, but you can quit anytime and we’ll cancel your next billing cycle.

How is this different from other coaching offerings?

As our tag says, we’re plant-based… with steak. In most cases you’d have to choose between vegan/vegetarian coaching or chicken and broccoli coaching. We’ll help you to get the most out of mostly plant-based diet, whatever that means to you.

How is the coaching delivered?

Mostly email and Google Sheets. There are videos for all the exercises in the training program.